Soft Close Hygienic Dual Nozzles Non-Electric Bidet Round Toilet Seat in White with On/Off Brass T Adapter | Rear & Feminine Wash | Water-Powered & Save Paper Eco-friendly| Adjustable Water Pressure and Easy


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DUAL NOZZLE FUNCTION – there are two automatic extensible and retractable cleansing nozzles that fulfill both Rear Cleansing and Feminine Cleansing; simply turn the knob to choose the appropriate function. ADJUSTABLE WATER PRESSURE – From soft to strong water stream, you are in control of the water pressure strength to suit your washing needs.

TOTALLY HYGIENIC – the nozzles sprayers are hidden behind the nozzle-guard cover when not in use, you don’t have to worry about the nozzles getting stained when you are doing your job; simply wipe the cover after use! No more messy toilet paper wiping, just pad dry the area after cleansing thoroughly; keep your hand off touching as much as possible. Suitable for all ages, including children and the elders, and beloved ones who need to be specially taken care of.

ECO-FRIENDLY – you would use much less toilet paper after using a bidet toilet seat, studies have shown that you require only ¼ of toilet paper than you normally use - use less paper and save the planet! NO BATTERIES OR ELECTRICITY NEEDED – it is powered by your home water supply and requires no additional electricity, which makes it even more economical and eco-friendly.

ON/OFF Safety T Diverter – to shut off water supply to the bidet seat, simply turn the ON/OFF T Diverter; absolutely no need to disassemble the water piping. Extremely useful when performing maintenances or cleaning, avoid accidentally turn on water stream and splash everywhere. Also useful for temporarily disabling the cleaning function, avoid unwanted usages.

SOFT CLOSE TOILET SEAT – the bidet toilet seat cover by itself is already a soft close seat which closes quietly and gently – no more slamming toilet seat and loud sound that is especially essential in late night. Toilet seat cover is contoured to provide maximum comfort seating experience.

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CozyBlock Bidet Toilet Seat

Product Description

Looking for a soft close toilet seat cover or a cleansing bidet seat cover?  How about having both features in one!

Introducing the Soft Close Hygienic Dual Nozzle Non-Electrical Bidet Toilet Seat for Round toilet seat

With a turn of the knob, you can turn on either Rear Cleansing or Feminine Cleansing, thanks to the dual-nozzle design that targets two water spraying position; with Totally hygienic that you don’t have to use your hand for any messy toilet paper wiping, eliminating the need to wipe multiple times, touching the waste, and essentially cleanse more thoroughly.  The automatic extensible and retractable nozzles will be positioned to the most appropriate spot and perform the task.  All you need to do after cleansing is to pad dry the area.

  • The sophisticated nozzle sprayer cover keeps the nozzles clean from splashing.
  • Suitable for any ages, any genders; including children and seniors, and people with difficulties.
  • Absolutely powered by your water supply ONLY, no additional batteries or electricity is required- meaning that the installation is extremely simple and everyone can handle it, usually takes less than 30 minutes.
  • Economic and eco-friendly choice – not only it requires no electricity, using this bidet seat will help you save $$$ of toilet paper, and most importantly save more trees!
  • Concerned about maintenance and cleaning the unit?  It comes with a solid brass ON/OFF T diverter – you can turn off water feeding into the toilet seat cover and perform any maintenance needed.  The T diverter can also temporarily disable the cleansing function, to avoid any unwanted usages.
  • No more accidentally slamming the toilet seat and wake up the family at night, its soft close mechanism will close quietly and smoothly.
  • NOTE: The toilet seat cover is universal fit, it fits most round toilet bowl in the market

Additional Information


17.44" L x 16.8" W x 2.66" H

shape Round Toilet
Brand CozyBlock
Installation No
Finish / Color White
Material Plastic
Includes Non-Electric Bidet seat, Solid Brass T Adapter

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