The following information is to provide assistance with knowledge of the types of sink that

are in the market, also to help you figure out what type of sink will fit into your remodel

designs and needs. There are 3 major types they are Top-mount, Under-mount and the

newest to the group is Apron.



The under-mount sink is installed below the countertop surface. The edge of the countertop

material is exposed where the hole created for the sink. The sink has clips to hold it in place (but is not

necessary) to the hold the sink is place. Sink that are under-mount has no rim between the counter top and

the bowl itself. For under-mount sink there are 3 styles. The first Flush under-mount it means the counter top

is even with sink. Second is Reveal this means the counter top is cut where a rims of the sink shows up a

little bit and lastly Over Hang which means have the counter top cut a little bigger than the sink which hides

the edge of the sink.

The advantage of having an under-mount you get a more counter space because the rim is under

the counter. You can wipe your debris straight into the sink and easy to clean because there is no rim that

is in your way. The under-mount gives your kitchen a minimalist look to your kitchen, gives you the effect of

more countertop space in your kitchen. Lastly under-mount sink gives you the freedom of where to mount

the kitchen faucet because there are no holes for the faucet on the sink.


Top-mount / Drop-in:

Top-mount also known as Drop-in these type of sink sits in holes roughly cut in the countertop

and the sink is suspended by their rim. The rim will form a close seal with the top surface of the countertop,

when the sink is mounting clips into the hole from below. A basic top-mount will have a 2-3 inch rim depend

on the style and will have pre-drill faucet holes on the rims. Depending on the manufacturing company it

can be ranged for 1 to 5 holes, usually the pre drill holes are sent in the back center of the sink but it just all

depending on the manufacturing company.

The advantage of a top-mount or drop mount is the kitchen is not limited by the walls of your

cabinet. The rims of the sink will helps your protect the edges of the counter. The top mount sink are

considered the standard type of sink, you find it more designs in shapes and color making it easy to fit to

your needs, Lastly the cost of installing a top-mount s because it’s a less complicated process to install and

all you have to do is make sure correct size of hole is correctly cut out and they are easily removed and a

new once can be installed easily.


Apron Sink:

Apron sinks are deep sink that has a finished front panel. They are set onto the cabinet having the

finished front of the sink remains exposed. By adjusting the height of installation it can be install as under

mount, flush mount and above the counter (have the sink raise up for the counter, maximum of 2 inches).

There are 3 major way of install the apron sink. The first is above the countertop, where the apron sink is

raised up form the counter between 1/4 inches to 2 inches. The second type is under-mount where the

apron sink sits under the counter top and there are 3 styles of under-mount. The first style is Flush under-

mount it means the counter top is evenly on top of the sink. Second style is Reveal this means the counter

top is cut where a rims of the sink shows up a little bit and the last style is Over Hang which means have the

counter top cut a little bigger than the sink which hides the edge of the sink. The final is also known as flush

mount, but the difference is between the under-mount flush mount and apron flush mount is the apron sinks

side and the side of the counter top is right are even with each other.

The advantage of the apron sink is the front edge is narrower than the stand styles, which makes

the apron sink more accessible. The front edge is easy to clean because of no gaps. Also the draw to the

apron sinks is unique and makes your kitchen stand out. Apron sinks blend style and function

into one sculptural form. These sinks don' t blend into the background but it does

stand out as a center pieces.