Carrying many types of sink is not enough. In order to help bring your design into

life and to increase our inventory so you can turn us into a one stop shop. We also carry

many kitchens with different design. The design of the kitchen will play major role in your

design and can affect the maximum usable bowl capacity.


Regular Design

Regular radius design kitchen sink are classical looking sink where the corners are very rounded

corners. They are also known as pressed or stamped sink. The regular radius is machine pressed and hand

finish. Regular Design sink are the most affordable and the most common. The Regular Designs sink can

work with any style of kitchen that is being design and gives the design a warm and cozy kitchen.


Zero Radius Design

The zero radius design sinks are perfect rectangular shaped, with sharp 90 degree corners and perfectly

straight edges. The Zero Radius doesn’t have slopes or curves at all. The bottom and sides of the sink are

perfectly flat, and it does resemble commercial sinks. The zero radius design does have its advantage first

the is more space at lease 98% more space with the same size bowl of the regular radius, Since the bottom

is perfectly flat, you can easily stack dishes without the fear of them fall over and glasses can sit flat in the

sink and pots and pans can sit a be soaked to the top.


15mm Radius Design

The 15 mm Radius Design sink s are perfect rectangular, but it has a 15 mm radius corners and 15 mm

round bottom edge. The side and bottom are perfectly flat and also resembles commercial sink but it’s a

little softer looking than zero radius. The 15 mm Radius does have the same advantage as the zero radius

design does, the first more spacious basin at lease 98% more space with the same size bowl of the regular radius.