Blank Wall – A Canvas for Your Creativity

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3D Wall Panels

A blank wall in your home is a place where you can go wild with all your imaginations and creativity. Some look for a beautiful space, but others make their space beautiful. Give your bare walls a great makeover and at the same time add some hues of love and inspiration to it.

 3D Wall Decor Panels


If there are a hundred ways of decorating a wall, then you can come up with a hundred more. Imagination has no limits. Still, here are some trendy ways to pep-up your wall:


Paintings: Hang the paintings you love on the wall. Or make your own paintings and show off your talent. Paint something you love or else you can simply write down the lyrics of your favorite song and hang it. Every time you look at it you start humming. Isn’t it a great idea!


Family Pictures: Make the wall a place to display your family pictures. You can hang a number of pictures on the wall as possible. There are no limits to it until all the space on the wall is exhausted. Select the best of your memories and put them on display. Don’t panic if they are of different sizes, they will look good just like that. You can also make a collage of all the pictures put together in a funky frame and hang it on the wall. It is the coolest way to redefine your wall and add emotions to it.


3D Wall Decor Panels: A classy and exquisite way of adding style to your wall is installing modern 3D wall panels on it. Available in varied designs like 3D wave wall panels, Cave design wall panels, stone design wall panels and many more. Choose the one which matches your style and the theme of the room and a beautiful wall is ready. Widely available both online and in the markets, these 3D wall decor panels are very economical. Small price and great style. Easy to install, these are now hot favorites among interior designers.


Quotes: Somewhere around you came across a quote which inspired you, then why not look at it every day. Get it pasted on the wall and it just looks awesome. Or you can write it on a canvas in your own handwriting and hang it. You are ready to inspire many now.


Abstract Things: Love reading! Frame some pieces of your favorite articles or stories and put them on the wall. You love a picture, get a big size if it’s printed on grids and put it on your wall. Bear a silent smile as your friends get jealous seeing this. If the wall is in the kitchen, then paint a part of it in white or a light color and use dark-colored chalks to write down the menu daily. On the other part you can paste pictures of the dishes made by you or pictures of your family dining together or notes of some recipes. This also makes the wall functional.


Play with the ideas and your imaginations. Life is like a cup of tea… it’s all in how you make it. Similarly, designing your home is up to you. The key to a great design is capturing your spirit and the essence of the space.

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