Children’s Room — Space Incorporating Full of Playful

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The children’s room design is more and more parental attention, the addition to the basic functional requirements, design more conducive to the growth of children, whether it can effectively stimulate the child initiative, a series of demands in the selection of children’s furniture, very considered,continue to emerge, scientists found that the shape, color and other external stimuli can promote child mental growth.

Wardrobe color: white + black

Lovely elements: this two-door blackboard children wardrobe, not only a larger amount of incorporation of the most creative is a door to the most blackboard, the children are free to graffiti, creative, Paint is gradually grew up. The other side of the doors for display purposes, fixed the middle layers of bandages, photos of the children, beautiful paper-cut fixed in the life of the child’s fun.

Wardrobe color: white + blue

The cute elements: a house-type children’s wardrobe, the doors of the middle of the hollow bird in the brush on a beautiful blue, the most lovely and chic is on the door, very fresh and natural.

Wardrobe color: white + blue

Lovely elements: the shape of the rocket type, the most lovely of you have not seen the top of the storage space into a bear, look, it is to look around. Rectangular hollow design on the door of the cabinet clothing most a preview.

Wardrobe color: pure white

Lovely elements: pure white design can be used with any furniture, house type design for fun in the children room. Also specifically on the door louvers designed to breathable clothing and a media that is less moldy damp.

Wardrobe color: white + wood color

Lovely elements: Although it is typically rectangular in children wardrobe, chic crown handle a childlike, details of the child into a fairy tale world, With this hand, the child will fall in love with yourself to the good habit of clothing.

Wardrobe color: white + wood color

Lovely elements: the perspective of the closet at the top of the fence design is the most chic, clear preview of the clothes inside, intelligent mother in this layer to prepare the children the next day to wear the clothes the next day, one will be able to quickly showed the children put on In addition, the top can be placed in a storage box as the expansion of the admission region.

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